R350 per year

Please send us the following details:

(please note we are only available to registered breeders in South Africa)

Registar you register your puppies with & member number:

Kennel name:

Kennel Affix (if applicable):

Contact person:

Contact number:

Contact email:

Website (if applicable):

Breed of dog:

Info on you as a breeder for the page: (inoculation schedule, micro-chipping, how you raise your puppies any info that

Will help people be more informed on you) You can also send breed specific info if you wish, your page can be quite large or short and sweet if you wish

Images of your dogs.

Images of previous puppies ( this is for better results with your page)

Then once we are live we will send you a link of your page, and you can request edits

Email your advert request to

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